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Petroleum Engineering Software

pengtools stands for petroleum engineering tools.

pengtools is a web site which provides the online petroleum engineering software powered by developer's "know how".

pengtools created by engineers to help practicing engineers to solve typical engineering problems for efficient decision making in the areas of petroleum, reservoir, fracturing and process engineering.

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  • PVT calculator - create quick PVT fluid properties models
  • PQplot - calculate Nodal Analysis on wells
  • sPipe - calculate the pressure drop in surface pipes
  • PhaseD - calculate phase diagram
  • optiFrac - define the optimal fracture geometry
  • optiFracMS - calculate the pumping schedule to achieve the target geometry
  • fracDesign - calculate the optimal number of fractures in horizontal well
  • pumpDesign - design a ESP to pump off the well
  • onPlan - fast planar fracture simulator can refine the design in complex scenarios


Remember the old days Petroleum Engineering Software?

  • Expensive
  • PC based
  • Black Box
  • Hard to Install (need administrative rights)
  • Hard to Learn
  • Hard to Run

In days of our engineering practice we usually learn and use all kinds of PC based engineering software which sometimes non-intuitive and requires long learning curve to get to the answer. Imagine you can do professional engineering just using a web site!

The idea of having easy to use online Petroleum Engineering tools progressed to the development of the pengtools.


  • Robust algorithms lead to real solutions
  • Intuitive interface leads to answers quick
  • Web based architecture allows you to work form home using any platform, any location, 24/7
  • Engineering cloud provides a means to collaborate and share with colleagues and clients
  • Instant switch between metric and field units helps you to work in different environments
  • Export to Excel & PDF reports allows you to finalize and publish your work


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