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Mature Water Flood Analysis is a workflow for identifying the performance gaps in the mature waterfloods performance.

Mature Water Flood Analysis is applied to the Reservoirs and uses Monthly Measures for production/injection data.


As a result Mature Water Flood Analysis generates Blocks/Patterns Enhancement List.

Block Enhancement List


  1. Upload the required data
  2. Gridding - Divide the field into Patterns/Blocks/Buckets using the Bubble map
  3. Calculate STOIIP for each reservoir using blocks
  4. Match STOIIP to official numbers by changing the edge Blocks areas
  5. Make Plots (by field, by reservoir, by block):History, RF vs HCPVinj, RF vs well spacing, WOR vs Np, VRR vs t
  6. Make Maps (by reservoir) showing Blocks: HCPV, HCPVinj, RF, VRR
  7. Make Cross sections
  8. Calculate Blocks Enhancement List
  9. Create Action List
  10. Execute

Repeat steps 5-6-7-8-9-10 routinely (monthly, quarterly, half year).

Data Required

Action List

The typical actions are:

  • Convert producing well to injector
  • Shut in inefficient injection well
  • Increase/Decrease well injection rate
  • Add/squeeze Perforations at producing or injection wells
  • Drill infill production/injection well


Wolcott, D. ; Applied Waterflood Field Development, Energy Tribune Publishing Inc., 2009.

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