Daily Measures

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Daily Measures

Daily Measures are wells daily production/injection volumes and operating parameters representative for a day.

Daily Measures are calculated from the All Measures based on Well Uptime.

Measures Structure

Daily Measures Types

  • BHP (bottomhole pressure)
  • D Choke Ann (Choke diametr annulus)
  • D Choke Tub (Choke diametr tubing)
  • D Choke Tub Ann (Choke diametr tubing + annulus)
  • Fluid Level Ann
  • Gas Injection Volume
  • Gas Production Volume
  • Hot Water Injection Volume
  • Liquid Production Volume
  • Oil Injection Volume
  • Oil Production Volume
  • P Ann (wellhead annulus pressure)
  • P Line (line pressure)
  • PIP (pump intake pressure)
  • Pres (reservoir pressure)
  • P Tub (wellhead tubing pressure)
  • Salinity
  • Sand Production
  • Solids Amount
  • Steam Injection Volume
  • T Ann (wellhead annulus temperature)
  • T Line (line temperature)
  • T Tub (wellhead tubing temperature)
  • Uptime
  • Watercut
  • Water Injection Volume
  • Water production Volume


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