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PVT software

PVT software is the core PVT engine of the pengtools.

PVT software calculates the main properties of oil, gas and water using a set of black-oil correlations and provides the basic input for any Petroleum Engineering calculation.

PVT software is available online at and in AppStore for iPad.

Typical applications

  • Calculation of oil, gas and water properties
  • Generating the PVT model
  • Matching the PVT model to the Lab data
  • Exporting PVT tables to Excel or reservoir simulator

Main features

  • Plots of PVT properties vs pressure at reservoir temperature
  • Results table contains values under standard conditions and at pressures between surface atmospheric and reservoir at reservoir temperature
  • "Default values" button resets input values to the default values
  • Switch between Metric and Field units
  • Save/load models to the files and to the user’s cloud
  • Share models to the public cloud or by using model’s link
  • Export pdf report containing input parameters, calculated values and plots of the PVT properties
  • Continue your work from where you stopped: last saved model will be automatically opened
  • Download the chart as an image or data and print (upper-right corner chart’s button)
  • Export results table to Excel or other application


What to do when you need a PVT model quick? Watch our demo video on how to create a PVT model in 5 min?

Watch on youtube

In this demo we are solving the PVT exercise 11-2 of William McCain's book "The Properties of Petroleum Fluids".


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