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Formation water density

Water density correlation in the PVT software at pengtools.com

The density of formation water (brine) at standard conditions (14.7psia & 60°F):

 \rho_{wSC} = C_{mg/l}/25000 + 62.428[1]

The density of formation water (brine) at reservoir conditions:

 \rho_{wR}=\rho_{wSC}/B_w [1]

Example. Calculating formation water density

Example source [1]

Input data

 C_{mg/l} = 74289.3
 B_w = 1.022 at 3176 psia and 165°F

Estimate the density of the brine at standard conditions (14.7psia & 60°F) and at 3176 psia and 165°F?


 \rho_{wSC} = 74289.3/25000 + 62.428 = 65.4 lb_m/ft^3
 \rho_{wR} = 65.4/1.022=  64 lb_m/ft^3

The solution is also available in the PVT software model at [The solution is available in the PVT calculator software model at www.pengtools.com


 B_w = water formation volume factor, res bbl/STB
 C_{mg/l} = water salinity or solids concentration, mg/l
 \rho_{wSC} = water density at standard conditions, lbm/ft3

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