Water compressibility

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Water compressibility

The formation water (brine) isothermal compressibility data is published in 1990 by McCain[1].

Water compressibility data [1]

Math and Physics

At pressures above bubble point:

 c_w = 1 / (7.033 P + 0.5415 C_{mg/l} - 537 T + 403300) [2]

Application range

The correlation is valid only for temperatures between 200 and 270F, pressures of 1000 to 20000 psia, and salinities up to 200000 mg/l[2].


We, at pengtools.com, are calculating water compressibility below the bubble point with the same equation at the moment.

Example. Calculating water isothermal compressibility

Water compressibility correlation in the PVT software at pengtools.com

Example source [1]

Input data

 C_{mg/l} =  74289.3

Calculate water isothermal compressibility at 3500 psia and 165°F?


 c_w = 2.6348E-6\ psia^{-1}

The solution is also available in the PVT software model at [The solution is available in the PVT calculator software model at www.pengtools.com


 C_{mg/l} = pressure correction, res bbl/STB
 C_{mg/l} = water salinity or solids concentration, mg/l
 P = pressure, psia
 T = Temperature, °F

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