Water solids concentration

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Water solids concentration

The concentration of solids in formation water (brines) are reported in several different ways [1].

Math and Physics

 C_{ppm} = \frac{gram\ solid}{10^6\ gram\ water}
 C_{mg/l} = \frac{milligram\ solid}{litre\ water}
 C_W = \frac{gram\ solid}{100\ gram\ water}


 C_{mg/l} = C_{ppm}\ SG_w

Often, parts per million and milligrams per liter are used interchangeably. This is correct only if the density of the brine at standard conditions can be assumed to be 1 g/cc ( 1000 kg/m3, SG_w=1, 62.428 lbm/ft3) [1].

 C_W = C_{ppm}/10000


 C_{ppm} = water salinity or solids concentration, ppm
 C_{mg/l} = water salinity or solids concentration, mg/l
 C_W = water salinity or weight percent solids, %
 SG_w = water specific gravity, dimensionless

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