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The primary goal of petroleum Reservoir Management is to produce Wells and Reservoirs at their potential in a most economical way.

Reservoir Management is a workflow to maximize Reservoirs hydrocarbons recovery.

Reservoir Management is applied to the Reservoirs / Objects on a Fields level.

Reservoir Management uses Monthly Measures for production/injection data.

Reservoir Management: History Plot
Reservoir Management Table


  1. Upload required data
  2. Completions check
  3. Group Reservoirs to Objects if needed
  4. Review the Performance Plots
    1. History Plot
    2. Cumulative Production Plots
    3. Reciprocal Rate Method Plot
    4. WOR vs Np Plot
    5. VRR Plot
    6. VRRcum Plot
    7. P/Z plot
  5. Identify Reservoirs / Objects with performance gaps
  6. Apply the Mature Water Flood Analysis if needed
  7. Identify the actions required to enhance Reservoirs / Objects production and recovery
  8. Calculate the Reservoirs / Objects production and recovery forecasts
  9. Execute

Repeat the steps routinely (monthly, quarterly, half year).

Data required

In case you need to calculate the Monthly Measures from the Daily Measures:

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