Vasquez and Beggs Oil Compressibility correlation

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Vasquez and Beggs Oil Compressibility correlation

Vasquez and Beggs is an empirical correlation for the oil compressibility published in 1980[1].

Vasquez and Beggs Oil Compressibility correlation in the PVT Software

Math & Physics

c_o = \frac{28.1R_s+30.6T-1180SG_g+\frac{1784}{SG_o}-10910}{10^5P}[2]

Example. Calculation of the oil compressibility

Example source [3]

Input data

R_s = 53.24 sm3/sm3 at P = 10 MPa
T = 90C or 363K
SG_o = 0.85 or 35 API
SG_g = 0.75

Calculate oil compressibility at p = 10 MPa?


c_o = 0.002907 MPa-1 or 2.95E-4 atm

The solution is available in the online PVT calculator software model at


 c_o = oil compressibility, MPa-1
 P = pressure, MPa
 R_s = solution gas-oil ratio, sm3/sm3
 SG_g = gas specific gravity, dimensionless
 SG_o = oil specific gravity, dimensionless
 T = temperature, °K


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