McCain Oil Formation Volume Factor equation

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McCain Oil Formation Volume Factor equation

McCain equation is determined from material balance equation based on the definition of the oil formation volume factor[1].

McCain Oil Formation Volume Factor equation in the PVT Software

Math & Physics

B_o = \frac{\rho_{STO}+1.22117\ R_s\ SG_g}{\rho_{oR}}[2]

Example. Calculation of the oil formation volume factor

Example source [3]

Input data

R_s = 53.24 sm3/sm3 at P = 10 MPa
SG_o = 0.85 or 35 API
SG_g = 0.75
\rho_{oR} = 749 kg/m3 at P = 10 MPa

Calculate oil formation oil factor at p = 10 MPa?


B_o = 1.199 rm3/sm3

The solution is available in the online PVT calculator software model at

Application range

  2.35 \le R_s \le 322
  0.754 \le SG_o \le 0.989
  0.555 \le SG_g \le 1.245
  21.1 \le T, C \le 160


 B_o = oil formation volume factor, rm3/sm3
 R_s = solution gas-oil ratio, sm3/sm3
 SG_g = gas specific gravity, dimensionless
 SG_o = oil specific gravity, dimensionless
 \rho_{oR} = oil density at reservoir conditions, kg/m3
 \rho_{STO} = SG_o \times 1000 = stock tank oil density, kg/m3


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