Darcy's law

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Darcy's law is the fundamental law of fluid motion in porous media published by Henry Darcy in 1856 [1].

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Math and Physics

 q = -\frac{kA}{\mu} \frac{dP}{dL}


  • Single fluid
  • Steady stay flow
  • Constant fluid compressibility
  • Constant temperature

Inflow Equations

Derivation of the Linear and Radial Inflow Equations Darcy's Law mtuz.png


 A = cross-sectional area, cm2
 k = permeability, d
 L = length, cm
 P = pressure, atm
 q = flow rate, cm3/sec

Greek symbols

 \mu = Darcy's law oil viscosity, cp


  1. Darcy, Henry (1856). "Les Fontaines Publiques de la Ville de Dijon". Paris: Victor Dalmont.