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optiFrac is a hydraulic fracture design optimization tool.

For the given set of reservoir and propane properties it calculates maximum achievable well productivity index and required fracture geometry.

pengtools optiFrac

Typical applications

  • Single Well Fracture Design
  • Design Sensitivity Studies and Benchmarking
  • Optimum fracture design parameters determination:
    • Dimensionless productivity index, JD .
    • Dimensionless Fracture conductivity, CfD .
    • Fracture half length, Xf .
    • Fracture width, w .
    • Fracture penetration, Ix .

Main features

  • Plot of JD as a function of CfD and Ix as parameter.
  • Plot of JD as a function of CfD and Np as parameter.
  • Design optimization curve which corresponds to the maximum JD values for different Np.
  • Design Optimum Point at which the dimensionless productivity index, JD, is maximized for the given proppant, fracture and reservoir parameters.
  • Physical constraints envelope.
  • Proppant library with predefined proppant properties.
  • Users Data Worksheet for benchmarking vs actual.

Interface features

  • Save and share models with colleagues
  • Last saved model on current computer and browser is automatically opened
  • Metric and US oilfield units
  • Save as image and print plots by means of chart context menu (button at the upper-right corner of chart)
  • Download pdf report with input parameters, calculated values and plots
  • Select and copy results to Excel or other applications


Rueda JI, Mach J, Wolcott D (2004) Pushing fracturing limits to maximize producibility in turbidite formations in Russia. Paper SPE 91760.