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Pump Design software


PumpDesign is the ESP design software.

PumpDesign selects an ESP System required to achieve the target well flowing rate or bottomhole pressure.

PumpDesign provides the specifications of the required equipment: Electrical Submersible Pump, ESP Motor, ESP Cable and ESP Drive.

PumpDesign is available online at

Typical applications

  • Sizing of the ESP to pump off the oil or water source well
  • Calculation of % of the free gas at the pump intake
  • Calculation of Total Dynamic Head (TDH) required
  • Calculation of number of stages and frequency required
  • Calculation of Breaking Horse Power (BHP) required
  • Sizing of the ESP Motor required
  • Specifying the ESP cable, ESP drive and ESP electrical transformers required
  • Comparison of the different ESP types (REDA, Centrilift, GE, Borets, Novomet) by performance curves

ESP Design Procedure

Pump selection is limited by the casing size and the flow capacity of the well (which includes gas).

The ESP design procedure is to select a pump whose efficiency range includes rates that are close to the maximum rate of the well.

Main Features

  • Turn key ESP design workflow
  • ESP Tornado chart
  • Liquid and mixture IPR plot
  • Interactive ESP catalog
  • Autoselect option for stages and frequency
  • Motors and cables catalog
  • Autoselect option for cables and drive


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