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pengtools optiFracMS

optiFracMS is a software to optimize the number of hydraulic fractures in horizontal well [1].

For the given set of reservoir properties and the proppant mass optiFracMS calculates optimal number of transverse hydraulic fractures and required fractures geometry to maximize well productivity index.

optiFracMS is available online at

Typical applications

  • Multi Stage Fracture Design
  • Design Sensitivity Studies and Benchmarking
  • Optimum fracture design parameters determination:
    • Number of fractures, n.
    • Dimensionless productivity index, JD .
    • Dimensionless Fracture conductivity, CfD .
    • Fracture half length, Xf .
    • Fracture width, w .
    • Fracture penetration, Ix .

Main features

  • Plot of JD as a function of n and Np as parameter.
  • Plot of JD as a function of Np showing the width constraint influence.
  • Plot of JD and wf as a function of n for the given Np .
  • Plot of JD as a function of CfD for the given n.
  • Design optimization curves which corresponds to the maximum JD values for different Np and n.
  • Optimum number of fractures n and well JD.
  • Practical constrains envelope – minimum fracture width and choke skin effect.
  • Sensitivity for the different from the optimal n, Xf, Ix, CfD, wf.
  • Hydraulic fracturing proppant catalog with the predefined proppant properties.

Interface features

  • Save and share models with colleagues
  • Last saved model on current computer and browser is automatically opened
  • Metric and US oilfield units
  • Save as image and print plots by means of chart context menu (button at the upper-right corner of chart)
  • Download pdf report with input parameters, calculated values and plots
  • Select and copy results to Excel or other applications


  1. Guk, Vyacheslav; Tuzovskiy, Mikhail; Wolcott, Joe; Mach (2015). "Optimizing Number of Fractures in Horizontal Well"Free registration required (SPE-174772-MS). Society of Petroleum Engineers. 

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