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Capital Expenditures

AFE is prepared for CAPEX.

CAPEX codes

1 Well construction
1a Production well construction
1b Exploration well construction
1c Wells enhancement operations
1d IPM/consultant service
2Infrastructure construction
2a Sale oil/gas Pipelines construction
2b Infield pipelines construction
2c Power facilities
2d Power lines construction
2e Road construction
2f Water injection/treatment
2g Pad construction/development/ equipping
2h Oil treatment facilities
2i Household purpose facilities
2j IT and telecommunication systems
2k Surface and drilling permitting and design projects
2l Other construction projects
2m Industrial buildings and facilities
3Geological capital expenditures
3a Seismic operations
3b Production testing operations
3c Project documentation reserves
3d Field development plan
3e Geological modeling
4Purchase of fixed assets
4a Field vehicles
4b Production facilities
4c Office buildings
4d Office machines
4e Office furniture
5Purchase of intangible assets
5a Licenses
5b Software