29+ reasons why you can not increase the production

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To safe time please pick a number ?

29+ reasons why you can not increase the production

(multiple numbers are acceptable)

  1. It's all foam and the well is pumped off!!!
  2. Can not produce below the bubble point: IPR curve reverses
  3. The hole is too deviated and pumps don't work inlined
  4. Pulling the chokes will make production decrease
  5. Scale will form
  6. Water will break through sooner
  7. Anaerobic bacteria will grow at the perforations
  8. Facility is full
  9. Oil bubbles through water at 30 t/d; the physical production limit
  10. Sharp decline of base production
  11. Will damage the Reservoir
  12. Bad Sucker Rods
  13. We don't have big pumps
  14. Production below the bubble point will foul the ESP with gas
  15. Ran out of cable
  16. Bigger pump will cause interference with adjacent wells decreasing total production
  17. It's on order but won't be here for at least 2 months
  18. Hydrates
  19. Not enough electricity for a bigger pump
  20. Casing collapse
  21. FRACs go away
  22. Every well has a right to life
  23. Casing is too small
  24. Pumps will burn up
  25. Cannot increase the frequency because of vibration
  26. Cannot commingle sandstones and carbonates
  27. Cannot commingle because different waters will precipitate salt
  28. Can not increase production as we have no money for helicopter gasoline
  29. Not enough gas is being produced to cool the pump (not enough Joules-Thomson)
  30. Material balance does not work
  31. Velocity of the nozzle of the separator will increase
  32. We don't open the chokes on weekends
  33. It's Easter time
  34. This physical law works good in the theory, but can not be applied to the real fields we have here.
  35. Can't have dP over the choke equal to zero. The well would not flow into the line.
  36. My optimum Frac design criteria is 2.9 tons per meter. That’s well known I’m surprised you don’t know that.


Sounds familiar?

All of those are the real world excuses given by the people in the oil an gas industry why not to increase production.

People who say something like this usually has no math and physics done to support what they are saying, only "field experience", stories, testimonials, gossip etc.

It's a folklore!

The performance based organizations rule is:

All enhancement opportunities are pursued unless somebody with the math and physics proves the opposite.


The idea of the list and the first 29 reasons are captured by Joe Mach and Don Wolcott.

The list is growing since then.