Hydraulic fracturing

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Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is well known stimulation technique applied to increase well rates.

Hydraulic Fracturing Design

The usual approach when you need a frac is to call a service company and order a frac design and pump a job.

What if for the same amount of proppant you can get more well productivity?

The workflow which allows you to get more out of your frac job is as follows:

8 steps Hydraulic Fracturing Design

  1. Calculate the required optimal fracture geometry (half-length and width).
  2. Calculate the pumping schedule to achieve this geometry. Note that usual approach requests the pumping schedule as an input while the problem of finding the schedule that would result in target geometry is inverse problem which is difficult to solve.
  3. Simulate the fracture growth using the 3D simulator to fine tune the design.
  4. Hand the frac design over to the service company as a target for implementation.
  5. Modify design to reflect the equipment constrains etc.
  6. Pump the job (this includes DFIT, mini frac and main job).
  7. Using production well data back calculate the well's performance and compare to the design.
  8. Learn, make adjustments and continue to the next well.

Hydraulic Fracturing Design Software

So, which software you'll need to do this quick and easy?

Our engineering web site www.pengtools.com offers a number of tools what can help you along the way:

pengtools.com Hydraulic Fracturing Software

  • optiFrac - can help to define the optimal fracture geometry
  • fracDesign - can calculate the pumping schedule to achieve the target geometry
  • optiFracMS - can calculate the optimal number of fractures in horizontal well
  • onPlan - fast planar3D fracture simulator can refine the design in complex scenarios

You can start using any of those tools for performance optimizing today by signing up at the www.pengtools.com.

Other Hydraulic Fracturing Software

  • MFrac
  • FracCADE
  • StimPlan
  • Terra-Frac
  • ManGrove

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