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Pipe pressure drop calulator


sPipe is the simple surface pipeline sizing software in the pengtools.

sPipe calculates the pressure drop in oil, gas and water flowlines.

sPipe is available online at

Typical applications

  • Estimation of flowrate with defined pressures at inlet and outlet
  • Estimation of inlet and outlet pressures for achieving target flowrate
  • Selection of pipeline size
  • Estimation of mixture velocity

Main features

  • Plot of pressure profile vs length
  • Result table with pressure, velocity and hold-up
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Using prepared PVT models
  • Account for elevation

Interface features

  • Save and share references to saved models with colleagues
  • Last saved model on current computer and browser is automatically opened
  • Choose between Metric units and US oilfield units.
  • Save as image and print plot by means of chart context menu (button at the upper-right corner of chart)
  • Download report in pdf format containing input parameters, calculated values and plot
  • Select and copy results to Excel or other application


Type of problem Correlation Reference
Oil, gas and water flow Beggs and Brill Brill, J.P. and Mukherjee, H. 1999. Multiphase Flow in Wells. SPE Monograph, Vol. 17, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Richardson, TX.
Dry gas flow Fanning Cullender, M.H. and Smith, R.V. 1956. Practical Solution of Gas-Flow Equations for Wells and Pipelines with Large Temperature Gradients. Trans., AIME 207: 281.

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